Everything started in 2013 when I had the idea of ​​making a different woman’s week with co-workers. We used to celebrate the International Women’s Day with roses and cards, but I did not want it to be only a single day. I wanted to share my tips and learn more about fashion, beauty, wellness, health and many other things about our women’s world. It worked so well that everybody joined my idea, and we exchanged a lot of tips, including the suggestion to share all this new information with more and more people.

Thus, in an unpretentious and spontaneous way, this personal blog was born. In this space, I write a little about everything from my particular universe: fashion, beauty, daily life, lifestyle… My adventures and misfortunes as a mother and my family’s adventures in Canada.

I create and develop the content, and the technical and web designer part of the site is up to my husband. That is, it’s all in the family. So, feel free to come in and get to know a little more about our house 😉