16 best Emily in Paris fashion outfits

Emily in Paris debuted on Nextflix last Friday, October 2, and I finished the first season just in one day. And I knew that I had to write about it. But don’t worry, NO spoiler alert! Let’s only talk about the fashion portion of the show. More precisely, about Emily Cooper’s outfits, the protagonist, played by the actress Lily Collins.

Since I saw the preview, I was super excited about it. First, the show has names like Darren Star, its creator, and the costuming legend Patricia Field. Both responsible for one of my favourite shows, Sex and the City. Second, the show talks about fashion, Paris, romance, friendship, digital marketing, and social media. And I love all these subjects.

However, I have to confess that I was a little bit disappointed at the end of the first episode. I don’t know exactly why. I just kinda was expecting more from the fashion portion. Only later I could understand that the costumes are related to the character’s development. Not only as a professional but also as a person throughout life changes. And I think we’re going to have even more fashion outfits once Emily in Paris grows.

But let’s talk about what we like here: fashion! I chose 16 best Emily in Paris fashion outfits from its first season to share with you guys.

To start, let’s talk about dresses because I’m a dress obsessed woman. First, the short, red dress that Emily added a black belt and white boots and went to work. This outfit is totally me, but ten years ago. Today, I’d prefer to add black boots or sneakers and a blazer or jacket—also in black—, I have to say that.

Emily still in the USA wearing a short, red dress and white boots

Then, we have the midi, yellow dress. For this outfit, I’d just change the shoes for more comfortable ones—I’m too damn old man—, and voilà. The next one, with the pink shoes, is totally me. Thus, no changes at all. Finally, we have the black dresses, and I loved them both. I’d only replace the shoes for sandals, and I’d get rid of the head accessory. Too much Lake Swan for me.

Emily wearing a midi, yellow dress and black belt.
Emily wearing a floral dress, black belt and pink shoes
wearing a black dress.
Emily paying a tribute to Audrey Hepburn

The blue jeans pants with a white cropped top outfit is just amazing. A basic costume became fashionable thanks to accessories. Please, include these shoes on your list. I’d add a third piece—a blazer or jacket—to finish and to match more today’s Cirdele.

White top cropped and blue jeans pants

Talking about third pieces, I have to say that I loved almost all of them. The lavender and the green jackets now are living in my heart. Likewise, the cropped, red tartan jacket, the b&w bomber jacket, and the checked suit set accessorized with a red beret and Chanel Lambskin Flag Bag. Finally, I need the red quilted velour jacket for yesterday.

The lavender jacket that I loved
And here the green one that is by Chanel.
The cropped, red tartan jacket
B&W Bomber Jacket
Checked suit set.
Quilted velour jacket

To finish, let’s talk about colours. Among the colourful outfits, I really liked the Chanel green coat, and the pink one is now just my favourite. By the way, I need a green coat ASAP, as well as a colourful sweater and cardigan. I also need these perfect lavender boots, lol!

The green coat
And the pink coat
Colourful sweater and yellow boots
Colourful Cardigan and lavender boots

Have you seen the show? Tell me what you think about Emily in Paris and which are your favourite looks.

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