Back to basics: 15 outfits to get inspired

De volta ao básico

I’m always interested in what’s happening in the fashion world. First, because I love everything about that. Second, because I truly believe that, like makeup, clothes are an amazing way to express yourself. I love to explore, discover and adopt the new trends to my reality. With all the information that you have available, and throughout the years, I already had a lot of different fashion phases; however, at this moment, I’m back to the basics.

Maybe you are asking how back to basics. Okay, I never left this phase because a classic is always a classic. What I’m trying to say is that, right now, I’m living the denim pants and white t-shirt moment. I’ve been paying visits to my closet and rediscovering some pieces that can create amazing and effortless outfits. For this process, the internet, especially Pinterest, is been my great ally.

During this journey, I also realized that a basic outfit doesn’t mean boring, and I can prove it to you. How? You can ask me. So, I’m going to share with you 15 basic outfits ideas to help both of us to dive into this basic world. A different accessory (a belt, shoes or even a scarf), a fashion trick (for example, to fold the hem of the pants) or a third piece (a blazer or jacket) can be very useful tricks to help us to produce a basic and fashion attire.

Accessories can make the difference in a basic production

Finish the outfit with accessories: Shoes, bags, glasses and hats can make the difference in a basic production. Colours and prints in the complements are also welcome.

Simple fashion tricks can make the difference

Simple fashion tricks can make the difference: Buttoning the shirt differently or folding the hem of the pants can transform your basic in a fashion attire.

Add a third piece to your everyday outfit.

In addition, as we always say here, a third piece such as a jacket, blazer or vest can give a modern and cool look to your everyday outfit.

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