Mom Jeans – My Current Fashion Obsession

Mom jeans com camiseta

From time to time I become obsessed with a kind of clothes, shoes or accessories. Right now, mom jeans are my current fashion obsession. I started to pay attention to the resurgence of the trendy in 2016, but back that time I didn’t like it so much, so I decided to let it go. However, as I never say never, especially in terms of fashion, now I really want a pair of mom jeans.

As the name says, the trend was inspired by the pants worn by mothers in the ’80s and ’90s. This kind of fit has as its main characteristics the high waist and straight modelling. The lighter tone is also striking in this new version of mommy’s pants, as well as the versatility of outfits that can be made with them.

Mom jeans com camiseta
Match with t-shirts in black, grey or white

With mom jeans, it’s possible to create casual outfits only adding a t-shirt or top. It’s also possible to create work outfits by matching with a shirt or blouse. You also can be a fashionista by adding a third piece such as a blazer, leather or jeans jacket or different accessories such as shoes and bags.

Mom Jenas com blusinha de alça fina
Another way to make your pants more trendy is by adding accessories

For example, if you need to be more formal, match your mom jeans with high-quality blouses or shirts. Besides that, you can use the same pieces to get an even more fashionista outfit only by tying the shirt in a different way or by opening some buttons and leaving a beautiful top on display. 

Mom jeans com blusa e camisa social
Mom jeans with formal white blouse are a must-have

Another good way to wear mom jeans is with my second current fashion obsession: white sneakers. Mom jeans also combine with red boots– another passion for this blogger. Besides that, it’s possible to combine them with different kinds of sneakers, heels or heavier shoes.

Mom jeans com blusas curtas
Different tops and shoes can make your jeans even more amazing

Did the weather change? Get a fall or winter outfit by wearing your mom jeans with a sweater, a heavier coat or even with some fun socks. Thus, you can stay warm and show your fun, fashionista version. Another trick that doesn’t fail with this fit of jeans is to fold the bottom of your pants, which will give you an even more elongated silhouette.

Mom jeans com moletom
Mom jeans also match with a sweatshirt

I still don’t have my own mom jeans, but I’m researching where to find the perfect model. In my online researches, I found some options at Levi’s Canada, Zara and American Eagle.

Mom jeans com jaqueta jeans ou de couro, ou ainda com casaco
You can wear with jeans or a leather jacket or with a great coat

Has anyone joined the trend? If your answer is yes, please share it with us!

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